Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Summer Reading

Over the summer, you were asked to read at least two novels of your choice.

1) Please tell me briefly what you read, including the titles and authors.

2) I want to know what you liked about the books, what you learned and, more importantly, what matters to you about the book's content.

Make sure to adhere to proper conventions and proofread your response.


M.Washington said...

1.One book that i read this summer was Harry Potter and i think that the author was J.K.Rowling and it was a good book but really long and that was all i read.
2.One thing that i learned about the book was that they are magical people and that they can do any thing that they want when they are in school but outside of school they cant do anything.One thing that matters to me about the books content is that is it going to be exciting or is it going to be dull because if it is dull than i will not remember anything and not lke the book.

K. Basinger said...

I read the books with the most intresting cover or ones from authors I have read before. I usually stick to fiction books like the house of the scorpion, and Harry Potter J.K. Rowling. I also like reading fictional survival books like ones from Gary Paulsen.
I like reading books like this because sometimes they teach you things you dont know, others help you think of things in a different point of veiw. In fictional survival books they can teach you things about survival in unlikley situations. Were as just fictional books can help teach you how people think sometimes, and other weird general facts.
The only thing the matters to me in the books content is how its written. If the book seems simple without good detail I usually dont like it.

A. Thorp said...

The first book I read was Rob&Sara.com by P.J. Peterson and Ivy Ruckman. I thought that book book was really unique. The entire book was written mostly in e-mails between to teenagers that never met. Within about a year, they get to know eachother very well, and eventually become extremely good friends. I think that one of the biggest themes represented in the book was the trust. Rob and Sarah learn to trust and confide in eachother the way many people couldn't even do with their best friends.
The other book I read was Tuesdays With Morrie by:Mitch Albom. This book was a lot more tohught provoking than most of the literature I consumed myself this summer. Every page in the book threw something else to really think about at you. Whether it was life, death, taking advantage of life, my mind was hard at work every time I picked up the book. At first I didn't think that a fifteen year old would enjor a book with as much content as this piece posessed, but after the first chapter I was hooked, and was learning and thinking more about life than I think I've ever done before.

J.Gill said...

I read two books that I consider interesting enough to share on this blog over the summer. The first was a book called Deception. Its author is Randy Alcorn, a Christian mystery novelist. The book revolved around a group of detectives who were all professional homicidal detectives. They have been solving murders for over ten years together, when all the sudden some mysterious killings coincide. One Detective, Ollie Chandler, suspects one of his fellow detectives. The whole book is how Detective Chandler winds through paths of questions and doubts and searches for the real murderer, while at the same time trying to save himself!

The next book is Band of Brothers which is about the 101st Airbourne Dividsion which faught in manny different battles. It is a history documentary which focuses on that one company. It was extremely long but quality reading!

B.Fiest said...

Over the summer i read two very interesting and enjoyable books both worthy of my time. First i read the book called "Eaters of the dead", there is also a movie based on it called the 13th Warrior. The author of the book was Michael Crichton.
I also read "Harry Potter" and the author of that was J.K Rowling.

I enjoyed the books a lot more so Eaters of the Dead. This book had a great story line and one that never slowed down. I mean this by their was never a moment in the book when something big was not going on. And i learned that honor is almost the greatest thing to keep near and dear to you. Also a lot of action in this book as well. And Harry Potter was good also very fast paced book. I did not really learn anything from it however.

A.Harder said...

The two books I read this summer were by J. K. Rowling. The books were Harry Potter and THe Prisoner of Azkaban and Harry Potter and THe Goblet of Fire.What I learned from these two books is not to judge people you don’t know and never give up. An example of not judging people you don’t know is when people maybe think you are something your not but they judge you about it and in truth you are the exact opposite of what people judge you as. An example of never giving up is when you have to go through different test and trials but you do not to give up but instead persevere. What I like about these books are the action and the descriptiveness of J.K. Rowling and of how she describes Hogwarts and her character development. I also enjoy the pace of the books and that there were very few boring parts and even then these parts were important and fairly short. What matters to me about the books content are the lessons, action, and pace of these books.

bryan said...

During the summer, i read the book "Left Behind" by Tim Lahaye. That was a really long book. My second book i read was very short, it was called "Who Moved My Cheese". I forget the author but it was a pretty good book.

The 1st book I read was about the end of the world and what christians believe is going to happen. It include god coming and taking his people off of earth and into heaven. The anti-christ comes and tries to decieve people. It was very exciting. The secong book I read was about change and how to deal with it.A senor student wrote it because he had a hard time dealing with change so he wants others to read it and feel better about change.

S. Maccurdy said...

I read two books over the summer. I read Uglies by Scott Westerfield and I read Al Capone does my shirts by Gennifer Choldenko.

I really liked the book Uglies. I thought it had romance, drama, a little bit of mystery and it kept me interested the entire time. After finishing this book I was realy dissappointed because the ending is a cliff hanger and now I cant wait to read the second book. This book is about a city where everyone lives in uglyville until they turn 16 and have a surgery to become extremely beautiful. After their surgery they live care free across the river from uglyville in Prettytown. A girl named Tally escapes this world and goes to "The Smoke" where she trys to live with others that dont want the operation either. I thought this was a great book. The second book I read was "Al Capone does my shirts" It was really interesting. It was about a kid that moved to Alcatraz. An island with a HUGE jail and filled with the biggest con atists and the worst criminals. He learns to adjust to his new home and has some fun adventures along the way. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone.

A. Damico said...

This summer i read many books, but my favorite ones were probably the pretty little liar’s series, by Sara Shepard. The first one in the series is called pretty little liars and the second called flawless. I can’t wait till Sara Shepard comes out with the third perfect. These books are hardcore chick lit.

My favorite thing about this book was the characters, in the book she uses four main characters, Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hannah they all bring something different and unique there all going through the same exact things me and my friends are going through. While reading these books every time i would finish reading a chapter I couldn’t wait to read the next three chapters to see what happens to the character i just read about. I rarely put these books down. Sara Shepard also kept a huge secret about these girls all the way through the first book, you couldn’t find out the secret till the second book. That made me get up and run to the library right once I finished the first book. I learned a ton from these books, but mainly lying gets you NOWHERE it only digs you in a much deeper rut. I only read chick lit and these books were perfect.The books content was fun and interesting and kept me wanting more. I loved all of the books i read this summer most these two were definitely most memorable.

By the way i have NEVER read any J.K. Rowling book

AGoerke said...

The two books that I read over the summer were Between the Lines by Orel Hershiser with Robert Wolgemuth. It was a great book about a man’s baseball career. The other book I read was the Old Man in the Sea, written by Ernest Hemingway. It was great book about a man at sea is whole life.

These two books are my favorite books that I have every read. The first book that I read was my favorite book. I liked the book because it was about baseball and I could relate to it. I also like that the writer was formally a baseball pitcher, so he could give me insiders on what to do and what not to do. It taught me a lot about baseball and the mental aspect of the game. It showed me that if something bad happens to you in the game that you just need to forget about it and move on to the next play. What mostly matter to me about the content of the book was, that it always wanted me to read on to the next chapter and was exciting.

The second book I loved because it meant a lot to me. It showed me how little the homeless have and how we should do as much as we can for them. It taught me a great lesson for life. If things do not go your way in the beginning then do not just give up, try again and again. Like when the old man would never give up on catching a fish even though he did not even have a little bite for eighty-four days. He keep going back to the sea and trying to catch any sort of fish. On that next day, he caught a giant shark, which he taught was a marlin and got money to survive. Last, the books content was sad but it showed that if thighs good bad for that day just forget about it and move on.

H. Evans said...

The first book I read over the summer was The Lovely Bones by: Alice Sebold. This book was very interesting and kept my mind working all through it with questions on the after life and if moving on is really ok. The book is about a fourteen year old girl who gets brutally murdered and raped, and when she goes to heaven she watches her family trying to deal with her death and while trying to catch her murder. This book taught me that moving on after losing someone you love is hard but you have to move on also it taught me you should live your life to the fullest to experience new things and open new doors for yourself.
The second book I read was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K Rowling. Harry Potter is always a favorite of mine and it’s often times fast pace action and imaginatively keeps me fan girling over it for days after. The seventh Harry Potter book was about Harry, Ron, and Hermione trying to find all of Lord Voldemort’s horicrux and destroy them so they can get ride of him. Like most the Harry Potter books this book showed me that friendship and love can conquer anything and can get you through the toughest times.

G. Randolph said...

The two books i read over the summer were Wing NUt by MJ. Auch, and Brian's Winter by Gary Paulsen.

The first book i read was Wing Nut. Wing Nut is about a boy and his mother that keep having to skip around towns to earn a living. On there way to New York their car brakes down and have to walk to a nearby town to find a job to earn enough money for a new car. His mother finds a job taking care of an old man. It turns out the man is obsessed with birds, and they start to become friends. What i like about this book is the way the old man and the young boy become friends. What I learned in this book is that some birdsare very territorial and will actually kill other birds.

The second book i read was Brian's Winter. Brian's Winter is about a boy that gets stranded out in the canadian wilderness by a plane crash and he soon has to face the harsh canadian winter. He has many difficulties along the way preparing for winter. For instance, he has to weather proof his shelter by packing in mud to his stick shelter. What i liked about this book was how he learns to survive on his own and hunt for food. In this book I learned that hunting takes patience and skill.

M. Austin said...

I read Maximum Ride by James Patterson and Flags of Our Fathers by James Bradley. Flags of Our Fathers was a book about the famous photo of the flag being raised and the events that lead up to and followed the photo. Maximum ride is a book about some mutants that look like humans but they have wings and their challenge to find there family.

I didn’t really like the maximum ride but it had action in it. I really like Flags of Our Fathers because it was about something that actually happened and it was really interesting. I learned that there were actually two flags that were raised and the one that is so famous is the second one.

G. Blanton said...

1)Over the summer break I read a few books the first two where: Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, and Uglies by Scott Westerfeld.

2)While reading Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown I found that I really enjoyed the story. It was quite an eye-opener for me, the book really makes you think. It also suggests the idea that you should always be open-minded, there are so many possibilities out there. As I finished my first book I transitioned to Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. To be honest, I didn't like this book very much. There is already so much pressure in today's society to be "pretty" I felt the book just pressured girls more. It also ave me the feeling that the "pretties" were the skinny/anorexic girls, and I believe that beauty comes in every shape and form.

J.Pye said...

1) This summer I read Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers. I also got about halfway through The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom.

2) I liked Fallen Angels because i could relate to the characters and i understood some of what they were going through. I learned how important the bond of brotherhood is from this book. The thing that matters to me the most from the books content was the message to make sure people know your true feelings always because you never know when you might get to see them again.

sean said...

1)This summer I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling and The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is Harry’s seventh adventure. It is where he travels across the country to find the way to defeat his enemy Voldemort. The Door Within is the adventure of a boy who travels to another world called The Realm. In the Realm the boy saves a country from being conquered by the force of evil. Both books are fiction but are interesting to think about.

2)I liked the suspense in Harry Potter and the feeling where you always want to continue and never stop. I liked the ending to the book and the adventure through the wizarding world. In the Door Within I liked the way the events lined together in a way of wonder and adventure. I learned that adventure and suspense are great qualities for fiction adventure books. I learned that different styles of writing make all books different and interesting. The meaning of Harry Potter was to stick with friends no matter the hardships you may face. The Door Within means you can do whatever you put your mind to and succeed.

T. Motsinger said...

1) This summer i read to great books. One was The Outcast to Redwall by Brian Jacques, and the other was Harry Potter and the Blood Prince by J. K. Rowling. i was inspired to read these books because me sister had read them before and recomended them to me over the summer.

2) These books not only had a great plot line but also had many lesseon's. For example, in life some people try to push other's around in Redwall and Harry Potter. The lesson teaches people to stand up for themselves and not let other's take advantage of them. Redwall was a book about a city of mice getting mald by other warrior's. Harry Potter is an interesting book about Witchcraft and other magic. These book's content were long and stressful but taught a lot to many people who will read them in the future. I truely recomend these book's to anyone wanting adventure and life long lesson's.

R. Sutton said...

This summer I read two books by the same author, Francine Pascal. The first book is titled Fearless.
The second is another book in this series titled Kill Game.

This series is about a teenage girl named Gaia. Her father is an FBI agent and she has no mother. She is trained in self defense and is also a self-proclaimed crime solver. Besides dealing with the normal teen issues, such as, boy crushes and making new friends she tends to cut class to look for trouble. In the second book she is recruited by the government to join a crime solving organization. I enjoyed these books because of the action, drama and humor. I would recommend these books.

BWebb said...

I read two books this summer. One was Coach K's book, Duke's head basketball coach. I can't remember the name of the second book.

I liked Coach K's book a lot because I love basketball. This book taught me about what Coach K thinks is good to do during pre season, regular season, and post season.He also gave examples of what has happened in the past with his players and him. Coach K is big on leadership. The "second book" was about a boy that left his family and went into the wilderness. He found a dog that became his companion. Pretty soon he got bored and set out to find his dad. A long the way he got in trouble. So now he had to run from the cops!

T. Kaiser said...

1.) One of the books I read this summer was “Judy Moody Saves the World!” By. Megan McDonald. It is a kid’s book but still has facts in it. How a little girl learn in her science class that the rain forest is being destroyed more and more each day, and how there are many endangered animals that need to be saved in the world. So she does what she thinks is helping the world.

2.) I like how they can make a book for younger kids telling what really is going on the world today. How the is a hole in the ozone layer and how parts of the rain forest is being destroyed everyday. But they can still make it enjoyable to hear, and how they know someone is trying to help out.